Why it’s so essential your research organisation is an AMSRS and AMSRO member.


Why it’s so essential your research organisation is an AMSRS and AMSRO member.

If you’re considering using a CX agency to really understand how your customers experience your business every day, you shouldn’t trust just anyone.

Market and social research data can give you genuine insights into how your store, products or services impact your customers, highlighting what you can do to improve, adjust and grow.

It gives you the exact information you need to make critical decisions about your business, how satisfied your customers are, and what you can do differently to turn them into loyal brand advocates today and in the future.

But not all market research data is created equal. With the appetite for actionable data increasing exponentially and more ways than ever to collect it, some unprincipled providers are content to breach privacy laws or source research unethically to fill demand.

You only need to recall Facebook’s recent data privacy woes to understand that harvesting data unethically can expose your organisation to extensive legal and governmental scrutiny, with all the costs (both financial and to your reputation) this entails.

It pays to choose a CX company that’s proven to protect your reputation and minimise your risk. Thankfully, peak industry bodies like the Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA) and The Research Society can point you in the direction of companies you can trust. 

ADIA members – like MyCX – guarantee you’re buying quality-assured research that meets all ethical standards and privacy codes. When you see the ADIA Trust Mark next to a firm’s logo, you’re completely reassured that the company you’re considering has been fully audited for compliance and is a legitimate, professional research company.

Choosing a company that displays the ADIA Trust Mark also ensures your reputation and integrity will be protected during the research gathering process, so you can be certain your data is clean, protected and of the highest quality.

ADIA members must undergo strict qualification to use the Trust Mark, including:

  • Privacy. Adherence to the Privacy (Market & Social Research) Code
  • Quality assurance. Companies must have the International Standard for     Market, Opinion and Social Research qualifications (ISO 20252)
  • Ethics. Adherence to the ADIA Code of Professional Behaviour.

To maintain the Trust Mark, ADIA members undertake an independent ISO audit, comply with ADIA’s co-regulated privacy code and participate in ongoing member training.

Similarly, ADIA members are market and social research professionals committed to continually boosting professional standards and ethical standards in the Australian industry.
A division of TKW Research, My CX is an active member of ADIA. All key members of our team follow the ADIA Code of Professional Behaviour in all they do for our business.
When you work with us, you get the added peace of mind knowing we’re certified to ISO 20252- 2012 for conducting market research, which means:

  • Your project’s risk management is enhanced
  • Improved data quality and confidence with greater efficiency and productivity
  • We adhere to a culture of continuous improvement and professionalism
  • We’re committed to protecting respondent privacy

We’ve made information security a pillar of our operational philosophy. It informs all our data handling processes, network architecture and systems.
And we’ve internalised the ADIA Code of Professional Behaviour into our daily practices, which includes:

  • Transparency. Honesty, openness with clients and participants – we tell you what we’re doing and why.
  • Responsibility. We keep costs, time and efficiency down for our clients and keep participants safe at all times.
  • Privacy. We mirror the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) on data collection, use, storage and destruction.
  • Ethics. Our research always complies with relevant legislation, act ethically, responsibly and conduct research objectively.

So, next time you reach out to a CX agency, make sure you check their bona fides first – look for the ADIA Trust Mark or visit the ADIA Research Company Directory to make sure they’re with us on the list.

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